Call for nominations for the EFLM Working Group “Biomarkers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”

Dear President and National Representative,
With the aim to provide recommendations and promote biological expertise in the
diagnosis and prognosis of mTBI among the European Laboratory Medicine
Specialists for the better care of patients with mTBI, we are pleased to inform you
that a new EFLM Working Group (WG) has been created under the Science
Committee: the WG on Biomarkers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
The WG is chaired by Prof. Vincent Sapin (France).
We are now calling for nominations for:

    • 3 Full Member positions

    • 1 Young Scientist Member (<35 years old at the time of the nomination)
      The first term of office will officially start in May 2023 ending on 31 December 2024

with the potential extensions for two more terms beyond 2024. The work of WG-
BTBI is mainly conducted by e-mail and teleconferencing. Additionally, the WG

usually meets once per year. It is expected that members will work on average 2
hours weekly fulfilling WG-BTBI tasks.

Click here to see the Terms of Reference of the WG- Biomarkers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

National Societies are asked to consider for this nomination person with strong
commitment to active participation in this working group, meet deadlines, attend all
group meetings, participate in discussions, write manuscripts, and provide feedback
on submitted materials. The nominee should have professional and research
experience in the field of laboratory medicine investigated by the WG-BTBI and should
have qualified publications.

Criteria of evaluation:

For each of the above item, if included in the CV, the candidate must provide the proof it is relevant to the
WG’s area (for example the link to the documents, websites).

Procedure for applications
Each National Society FULL Member in good standing with the membership fee can
submit one nomination through the attached application form. A brief plan of the
applicant’s contribution to the aims and objectives of the relevant Working Group has
to be included in the form. Together with the application, a short CV should also be
submitted underlining the qualifications and prior experience and publications in the
relevant area. Candidates must be officially nominated by their National Society
through a formal letter of support. Applicants who are not selected as full members
may be eligible for corresponding membership.

Please be informed that in order as many of the EFLM’s constituent countries to have
an opportunity of representation on a Working Group, it is stipulated that there can only
be one person from any single country who is either a Full or Corresponding Member.
Per the EFLM Transparency Policy, all received nominations and reasons for the
successful one will be made available to all those National Societies who submitted a
nomination specifying also the criteria used during the evaluation process.
Nominations have to be electronically submitted to the EFLM Office: Silvia Terragni -
e-mail: eflm@eflm.eu within the deadline of 15 May 2023.

With kindest regards,

Michel Langlois
Chair of the EFLM Science Committee

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