Invitation to join the EFLM Task Group Young Scientists (TG-YS)

We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to young scientists on behalf of the EFLM Task Group Young Scientists (TG-YS)Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of laboratory medicine across our vast network.

We invite each of you to seize this opportunity to actively engage you or encourage young scientists within your sphere to join with EFLM TG-YS. Together, we can cultivate the next generation of laboratory medicine professionals and drive innovation in our ever-evolving field. The start of our journey is filling the application form: https://forms.gle/6R8DG9V3dVzb...

EFLM TG-YS stands as a vibrant coordination framework, unifying young scientists, residents, and young professionals in laboratory medicine and related fields, alongside representatives from IVD companies across all EFLM functional units and member countries. Our mission encompasses a wide spectrum of activities designed to nurture the growth and development of emerging talents within our domain. Allow me to provide a concise overview of the essence of EFLM TG-YS:

  • Raising Awareness: Our central aim is to amplify the recognition and visibility of young scientists in laboratory medicine.
  • Building a Network: We are dedicated to creating a robust communication network among young scientists and laboratory professionals throughout Europe.
  • Facilitating Exchange: Through initiatives like the EFLMLabX exchange program, we facilitate opportunities for professional and scientific exchange among young scientists.
  • Communication: We are committed to regularly reporting on the activities of EFLM functional units and member countries through various communication channels, including newsletters, social media, and our website.
  • Creative Contributions: We encourage and celebrate creative contributions that promote EFLM activities, laboratory medicine, and laboratory specialists through innovative methods and formats.
  • Meetings and Collaboration: We organize both virtual and in-person social, scientific, and educational gatherings to share experiences and foster collaboration among young scientists.
  • Active Participation: We actively engage in events organized by EFLM, contributing our unique perspective and expertise.
  • Inspiration: We inspire EFLM functional units by advocating for topics that are pertinent to young scientists, ensuring that our voices are heard and valued.
  • Awards: We are in the process of establishing the "EFLM Young Laboratory Medicine Professional Award" to recognize extraordinary contributions to the field, spanning scientific publications, education, popularization, and innovation in clinical laboratories.

All these activities are conducted in close partnership with EFLM's mother functional units and home countries, ensuring that our efforts align with the broader objectives of EFLM and are coordinated with the Communication Committee.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We eagerly anticipate your enthusiastic response and participation in this dynamic initiative.

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to the advancement of laboratory medicine within the EFLM community.


Daniel Rajdl
Chair, EFLM Communication Committee

Miron Sopić
Chair, EFLM Task Group Young Scientists

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